$300 Data Recovery $300 Data Recovery

Why DriveFish?

Consider this: Your drive fails. You start shopping around for data recovery services and choose DriveFish.com. You send us your drive. There are now a few scenarios:

We recover your data. You pay us a flat fee for doing so. Nothing more, ever. We can recover data from any type of drive with any type of filesystem. PC, Mac, Linux - even encrypted volumes. We can recover data from disks with hardware problems. Disks that don't spin - even "clicking" hard drives!

Rarely, (generally in the case of a "head crash" a situation where the read/write heads have actually touched the disk platters scratching off the magnetic coating) we are unable to recover your data. We offer you a few choices in that case: we can ship it back to you for cost, destroy it for a small fee, or just throw it in the trash if there is no sensitive data on it.

You do have another option. You can utilize our relationship with the most advanced data recovery firm in the world to move forward, saving you 10% and the $200 assessment fee if they are unable to help.

Maybe you have checked Drivesavers out. They are the best advanced data recovery company in the country, arguably the world. They have patented tactics available only to them. On the other hand they are expensive. Why would we tell you this? Endorsing another company? Read more to understand why - we only recommend them if you need them!

Drivesavers can do it all. They have the means to deal with software recoveries and smaller hardware/electronics issues as we do, but more impressively, some really advanced methods of platter exchange and disk solution chemistry- as well as other cool stuff. They are the guys who recover data from crashed satellites. Now the trick here is, regardless of the nature of your recovery, they will charge you the same amount. If they quote you $1500 and do a full recovery you pay $1500. It doesn't matter if they had to adjust some file pointers or completely rebuild the drive. This is not because Drivesavers charges people a lot for the sake of it. They are simply supporting the overhead of a business model capable of doing super advanced recoveries (like a drive that has been underwater for a few weeks.) Why not let Drivefish handle your recovery? If your problem is fixed by us, you only pay a super reasonable flat fee. If not, you have the option of moving forward with Drivesavers while leveraging our relationship to get a 10% discount and no assessment fee (normally they charge $200 just to look at a drive - regardless of recovery)!

In effect, DriveFish is a one stop solution. You send us the drive - we either recover it or you pay nothing. Not including disks that have literally caught fire, been underwater for extended periods, been crushed or suffered other massive hardware failure our recovery rate is over 90%! If we are unable to recover your data and you want to move forward with a more expensive recovery attempt, we can send it to Drivesavers saving you 10% and the $200 assessment fee. If they are unable to recover your data you pay nothing! Through the whole process you can rely on our expertise to advise and guide you - which again, costs you nothing!

Are you on a budget? Send us your drive. If we are unable to recover you pay nothing. Your total cost is the shipping to get the disk to us. If we do recover every piece of data that you request you pay a flat fee. Unlike the prices of some of the other guys out there, our price never changes. Are you trying to decide between a less expensive company and a more expensive recovery? Get the best of both worlds! Send us the drive, if we succeed, you pay $199 for a standard recovery (<250GB). If we don't, we can forward your disk to Drivesavers for no cost besides shipping! You can then take advantage of a 10% discount and a waived $200 assessment fee.

One thing that sets us apart is our mission: File recovery for the people.

We really mean this. We want to put professional data recovery options in the hands of regular people at the best value. We want to help people! If you choose DriveFish you will gain the advice and direction of a company that is on your side. We will help you achieve your recovery for the lowest possible price while advising you of your options along the way. You will never be forced into anything, ever.

The problem with the data recovery business model is that a huge percentage of the population gets left out. People on a budget are out of luck. People who don't have a computer science or engineering degree get left out in the cold.

The fact is, 95% of data recoveries can be done with specialized software and engineering know how. The concept that every drive has to be opened by some guy wearing a space suit is simply not the case. Now we imagine a few companies out there will be angry with us for letting the cat out of the bag but we don't care. The owners of DriveFish insist on doing business transparently - based on information not speculation.

Why pay $1500 plus to one of the VERY few companies out there actually doing high level recoveries? By high level we mean disks that have literally been CRUSHED or SET ON FIRE. Did you run over your disk? Have a little accident in the microwave? If not, then your recovery is very possibly achievable with software tactics, and engineering know how. Yes, even "clicking" disks can be repaired with a combination of tactics. Send it to DriveFish! We can recover it for so much less!

Don't be fooled by companies who say they charge one thing only to raise the price when you send your disk to them. Many of these companies will lowball the price just to get your disk, then raise the price to around $2500-$4500 when they get it. These companies are not doing data recoveries. They know nothing about data recovery. They are simply sending your drive to Drivesavers and doubling the price without telling you what's going on. When we send a client to Drivesavers it is not to make money. We offer it as an option because we want to ensure the recovery of your data. There are no markups to their price. In fact we recommend you communicate personally with them to make sure you feel comfortable if you decide to work with them. They will quote you as transparently as we have and will of course provide a 10% discount and waive the $200 assessment fee - just because you are a customer of DriveFish.

We hope this explanation of the way things work around here has helped you decide who to work with for your data recovery needs. If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us. You can also read some frequently asked questions here. As always, our blog is full of tips and the newest info about data recovery and the industry we live in.

Thank you for reading! Happy Recovery!!