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Truly impressed with what you guys can do, thanks again!
- Holly B.. - Rockville, MD

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Had some very important documents and pictures I couldn't afford to lose and DriveFish saved the day!
- Sarah O.. - Boston, MA

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We didn't have any good local options for our drive recovery, so we sent it to DriveFish in the states and were very pleased with the service
- Konstantza B.. - Sofia, Bulgaria

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I just wanted to express my appreciation for the recovery you did for me, it made my day and my family's
- Edward F.. - Steamboat, CO

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I would recommend Drive Fish to anyone, you really helped recover my photos!
- Haydn O. - Greenwich, CT

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I thought for sure all my pictures were gone, but they got them all back for me
- Laquisha M.. - Oakland, CA

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They truly charge a flat fee I used them and trust them
- Rose G. - Las Vegas, NV

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Thanks so much, you guys are great!
- Thomas P.. ( Southern Company ) - Atlanta, GA

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I was terrified I had lost all my photos, including photos of my children all kept on my external hard drive. The guys at DriveFish were extremely friendly, and managed to get my data back cheaper than I thought possible. Thanks so much!
- Lisa M.. ( AAA ) - Lincoln, Kansas

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I just wanted to say that DriveFish saved my files and did it all for $199. Thanks!
- Pete E. - Los Angeles, CA