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Testimonial 20 of 104
Really great job recovering my data, thanks again
- Sonya Z.. - Springfield, MO

Testimonial 23 of 104
I really appreciate everything you did for me
- Tim B.. - Sacramento, CA

Testimonial 25 of 104
I really appreciate you guys saving my end of the semester!
- Ross S.. ( UNC ) - Chapel Hill, NC

Testimonial 36 of 104
I thought for sure all my pictures were gone, but they got them all back for me
- Laquisha M.. - Oakland, CA

Testimonial 37 of 104
They truly charge a flat fee I used them and trust them
- Rose G. - Las Vegas, NV

Testimonial 51 of 104
I just want to say DriveFish was sooo nice every time I needed to ask them about anything
- Tessa D.. ( Sephora ) - Eagle River, WI

Testimonial 54 of 104
My family pictures were all recovered, thank you!
- Clarence F.. - Topeka, KS

Testimonial 55 of 104
I just want to thank the people at DriveFish for their great customer service and honesty. I had tinkered with my disc before sending it to them and might have messed up my drive a little more, but they helped guide me through the entire process to get my data back with advanced recovery. They are always willing to help with any questions I have!
- Eleanor M.. ( University of California ) - San Diego, CA

Testimonial 78 of 104
I was terrified I had lost all my photos, including photos of my children all kept on my external hard drive. The guys at DriveFish were extremely friendly, and managed to get my data back cheaper than I thought possible. Thanks so much!
- Lisa M.. ( AAA ) - Lincoln, Kansas

Testimonial 94 of 104
After hours of research we chose to work with DriveFish and are very glad we did. They were prompt and professional and had our entire disk returned to us in less than a week.
- Kevin R. - Boston, MA