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Testimonial 10 of 104
I thought I had lost a semester long project, you guys are a life-saver!!!!!
- Lana D.. - South Bend, IN

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Everyone I talked to was really sweet on the phone, and always prompt in getting back to me
- Karlin P.. - Diamond City, AR

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You guys are definitely the best & I'll make sure to recommend you to everyone I know!! I'm very happy to get my data back from the dead & so glad I chose Drivefish over all the other recovery services I researched.
- Dominik W. ( Antimation ) - Tokyo, Japan

Testimonial 36 of 104
I have already told others about your service - thanks for everything!
- Colin W. - Mobile, AL

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Such nice people and they got back my pictures and tax files I needed!
- Mary Beth L.. - Auburn, IA

Testimonial 44 of 104
Since I am in Birmingham I was able to save shipping and just take my computer to the DriveFish office, where they were very friendly and happy to handle everything the rest of the way for an amazing price!
- Sandra D.. - Homewood, AL

Testimonial 49 of 104
My family pictures were all recovered, thank you!
- Clarence F.. - Topeka, KS

Testimonial 64 of 104
DriveFish recovered a whole drive of music I thought I had lost, THANKS!!!
- Jamal P.. - Brooklyn, NY

Testimonial 70 of 104
Thanks so much, you guys are great!
- Thomas P.. ( Southern Company ) - Atlanta, GA

Testimonial 77 of 104
I'm glad I trusted you guys with my laptop. I got quotes over $2000 and you guys did it for $200. Thank you!
- Susan W. ( NETGEAR ) - San Jose, CA