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Superb work recovering my files!
- Richard D.. - Fort Collins, CO

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Super impressed with the job they did for the price
- Robert K.. - New Orleans, LA

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We didn't have any good local options for our drive recovery, so we sent it to DriveFish in the states and were very pleased with the service
- Konstantza B.. - Sofia, Bulgaria

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You guys run a really great service for the price, thank you so much!
- Elizabeth B.. - Charleston, SC

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Great job guys, thanks sooo much!
- Jonathan G.. - Topeka, KS

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I just wanted to express my appreciation for the recovery you did for me, it made my day and my family's
- Edward F.. - Steamboat, CO

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The package arrived on Friday! My wife (and therefore me) was very, very happy to get her data back & extremely satisfied with Drivefish's service and communication.
- Stephan W. - Berlin, Germany

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I'm so thankful to the people at DriveFish who always treated me really well and got files off my hard drive cheaper than I could find anywhere else. Thank you DriveFish!
- Juanita G.. - Santa Rosa, CA

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THANKS! I really appreciate the help. :)
- Zach C. - Estacada, OR

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Great site! I've been looking for a user friendly recovery service to recommend to my clients and now I have one.
- Casey D. - Durham, NC