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Testimonial 3 of 104
Not many options for local computer companies here in Hawaii so we sent it to DriveFish and were very pleased with everything
- Melissa S.. - Hilo, HI

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Very fair price for the service, I'd recommend
- Allen K.. - Reading, PN

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I just wanted to express my appreciation for the recovery you did for me, it made my day and my family's
- Edward F.. - Steamboat, CO

Testimonial 21 of 104
Got everything back I hoped for, thanks DriveFish!
- Joy W.. - Memphis, TN

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My drive arrived today!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
- Molly R. - Nashville, TN

Testimonial 38 of 104
Oh my gosh, I don't know what I would've done if I hadn't found DriveFish! Best deal on the internet!
- Carla B.. - Madison, NH

Testimonial 48 of 104
Saved my project I had been working on all semester and thought was gone!
- Leah M.. ( University of Virginia ) - Charlottesville, VA

Testimonial 74 of 104
We have used DriveFish for 3 disks now and although one was unrecoverable by them the other 2 were - a great way to save money!
- Kimberly C. ( Xlear ) - Billings, MO

Testimonial 86 of 104
Thank you for the successful drive recovery! I tried all the usual tech tricks -- slave drive in Windows, force mount in Linux, hour in the freezer but nothing worked. Your professional recovery did the job!
- Marty R. - Norwalk, CT

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Great site! I've been looking for a user friendly recovery service to recommend to my clients and now I have one.
- Casey D. - Durham, NC