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Testimonial 8 of 104
Thank you again for helping my family get our pictures back
- Travis L.. - Miami, FL

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I thought I had lost a semester long project, you guys are a life-saver!!!!!
- Lana D.. - South Bend, IN

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Hello to everyone at DriveFish. My name is Deandra. I just received the drive back from the data recovery you performed for me. I have to say you did an EXCELLENT job! Everything I lost seems to be back!
- Deandra C. - Hemet, CA

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I really appreciate you guys saving my end of the semester!
- Ross S.. ( UNC ) - Chapel Hill, NC

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They truly charge a flat fee I used them and trust them
- Rose G. - Las Vegas, NV

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Thanks so much, you guys are great!
- Thomas P.. ( Southern Company ) - Atlanta, GA

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I was terrified I had lost all my photos, including photos of my children all kept on my external hard drive. The guys at DriveFish were extremely friendly, and managed to get my data back cheaper than I thought possible. Thanks so much!
- Lisa M.. ( AAA ) - Lincoln, Kansas

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I just wanted to say that DriveFish saved my files and did it all for $199. Thanks!
- Pete E. - Los Angeles, CA

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Two weeks ago I learned that my harddrive had died and I cannot begin to describe the feeling of losing the number of pictures that I had collected for the past several years. I was told by a member of the Geek squad that it could be as expensive as two thousand dollars and that there was still the possibility of not recovering the data that I had lost. I contacted DriveFish.com and cannot tell you how happy I am that I did. They were able to do a full recovery of my hard drive. Thank you DriveFish for all that you have done for me. I will continue to tell others about how you saved the day for me. I appreciate it.
- Steve C. - Birmingham, AL

Testimonial 104 of 104
Your service is the best good job on saving my pictures!
- Wan S. - Manchester, UK