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Thank you again for helping my family get our pictures back
- Travis L.. - Miami, FL

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I have been working on a book for over 2 years that I thought was lost, when DriveFish came to the rescue and saved my work!
- Carol N.. - Albuquerque, NM

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I have to thank you one more time for restoring our family pictures!
- William J.. - Springdale, AR

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I had a good feeling about DriveFish from my first phone call, I was not let down. They are extremely friendly and were able to cheaply recover all my data.
- Ricky P.. - Winston-Salem, NC

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I really appreciate everything you did for me
- Tim B.. - Sacramento, CA

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They truly charge a flat fee I used them and trust them
- Rose G. - Las Vegas, NV

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Saved my project I had been working on all semester and thought was gone!
- Leah M.. ( University of Virginia ) - Charlottesville, VA

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Just wantd to say thanks, got all my files back
- Pete B.. - Portland, OR

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I just want to thank the people at DriveFish for their great customer service and honesty. I had tinkered with my disc before sending it to them and might have messed up my drive a little more, but they helped guide me through the entire process to get my data back with advanced recovery. They are always willing to help with any questions I have!
- Eleanor M.. ( University of California ) - San Diego, CA

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Your service is the best good job on saving my pictures!
- Wan S. - Manchester, UK