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Gary from New York, NY

May 30th, 2011 No comments

We’ve mentioned before that we receive submissions for data recovery from all over the world. Just the other day we received a submission from Gary in New York, NY.

Gary had dropped his drive and it was no longer showing up in the system as well as clicking, so he began looking around for data recovery companies. Like many people, he couldn’t believe our price point when he found us and had to call. We told him about what we did, and he shipped his disk to us, which we were able to get a full recovery on.

We appreciate everyone’s business, and we know many people out there like Gary in the big city of New York had plenty of local options to choose from for data recovery. There is a reason people choose to send their drives to DriveFish. They understand it is best to send your important data to professionals that will recover it safely and maintain the integrity of the data.

Whether you’re in New York, NY, Los Angeles CA, Chicago, IL, or St. Louis, MO, DriveFish will still offer you the best hard drive data recovery for the lowest cost.

Tina from Los Angeles, CA

March 13th, 2011 No comments

We just sent a drive back to Tina from Los Angeles, California, whose hard drive crashed with several important work projects on it that had not been backed up.

Like many of our customers, Tina was naturally concerned and nervous to open up her computer, pull out a hard drive, and send it across the country. But after speaking with us, she felt much better about the situation and was eager to send us her drive and see what we could do. We were thankfully able to get Tina’s projects back.

We know places like Los Angeles California, Atlanta Georgia, and Austin Texas have plenty of local computer shops that seem like they would be able to take care of data recovery. But as we’ve discussed throughout our site and you will learn with some simple internet reading, it is always best to leave data recovery to the experts.

At DriveFish, we handle data recovery cases all day, and we pride ourselves on offering the best service for the lowest price point in the business. Regardless of what state or country you live in, send your disk to DriveFish for the best option in data recovery services.

Brian from Chicago

January 16th, 2011 No comments

We could hear the windy city in the background when we picked up the phone!

Brian from Chicago, IL called with an external drive that was no longer being recognized by the operating system. A local computer shop had told him that they would have to send it to a third party that they would not tell him who it was, and they would not tell him how much the price would be but said at least 500$. This was unacceptable, so he continued looking around until he found DriveFish.

We told him about our free diagnosis, and realizing he had nothing to lose Brian sent his drive to us. He turned out happy he did, because we recovered his data for less than half of what he was otherwise looking at.

We appreciate Brian’s and everyone’s business from all over. We know there are great IT services all around the country and globe, but very few reputable data recovery experts. Whether you are in Chicago, IL, San Francisco, CA, Detroit, MI, Austin, TX, or Miami, FL, let DriveFish be the people to handle your data recovery needs for the best service at the lowest cost.