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The Need for Intel 320 Series Data Recovery

January 22nd, 2015 No comments

When Solid State Drives were first introduced, many computer fanatics expected that they would make hard disk drives obsolete in a few years. The main reason for this clamour is that the SSDs have greatly increased performance compared to their HDD counterparts. The former can access, write, and overwrite data several times faster than the latter. SSDs are also considered to be more reliable and less prone to damage since they are made up of considerably fewer parts. Many immediately purchased Intel’s third generation SSD series because they thought that they are indestructible under normal circumstances which will eliminate the need for Intel 320 Series Data Recovery. If you also think so, read further and you might change your mind.

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Physical Strength


Solid state drives are a lot less prone to physical wear and tear compared to hard disk drives especially since the former does not have disks that spin whenever something is being processed. It also has fewer mechanical parts and the fewer the parts, the lower the overall chance of breaking is. SSDs are also a lot less sensitive to shaking and vibrations. SSDs, however, still have electronic components that are still prone to damage. Even if just one capacitor or controller chip goes out, the drive can become unusable. Furthermore, unlike HDDs that are enclosed in very thick casings, SSDs are a lot more susceptible to damage from magnetic fields.


Linear Wear and Tear


It is true for both SSDs and HDDs that they can only last for a set number of read and write cycles. SSDs, however, can endure several times the number of cycles that HHDs can. In fact, an SSD can last for 100 years even if 10 GB of data is written on it each day.

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The Achilles Heel


There is one lingering weakness all SSDs have. Though each successive generation manages to lessen the said weakness, it is still apparent on current gen SSDs. Solid state drives are a lot more likely to get damaged during a power outage compared to hard disk drives. The problem is most notable on Intel’s third generation SSDs that cam still acquire the 8MB bug. This bug not only results to the deletion of all your files, you will also be able to access only 8MB of your drive’s capacity. SSDs are fairly new and it requires a whole new set of software and engineering techniques to retrieve lost files from them. Fortunately, $300 Data Recovery can easily SSD files that other companies simply can’t.

Press Release: DriveFish Acquired by $300 Data Recovery

April 1st, 2014 No comments

PRESS RELEASE: $300 Data Recovery acquires DriveFish Data Recovery; $300 Data Recovery becomes the largest affordable data recovery provider in the United States.

A recent merger of the two largest “affordable” data recovery companies now makes $300 Data Recovery the largest provider of low-cost data recovery services in the United States. Before $300 Data Recovery and DriveFish Data Recovery, the only options for data recovery started at $800 and went up to $2500 or more. This left a gap in the marketplace for economical data recovery. In 2007, $300 Data Recovery & DriveFish Data Recovery, unbeknownst to each other, recognized this demand and created a new niche: “affordable” data recovery.

In March of 2014, $300 Data Recovery received a phone call from Baird Castleberry, co-owner of DriveFish Data Recovery ( He was interested in selling DriveFish in order to dedicate more time to his other ventures. But he was very concerned with selling DriveFish to the right kind of data recovery company. He specifically reached out to $300 Data Recovery first, because like DriveFish, they have outstanding customer service and integrity, while maintaining an affordable flat-fee pricing structure and money-back guarantee. They don’t run a bait-and-switch scam like many other data recovery companies who advertise low rates only to charge more in the end, nor are they a “big box” data recovery company charging thousands of dollars for basic data recovery services.

$300 Data Recovery jumped at the opportunity to take over DriveFish’s good name, and DriveFish’s customers couldn’t be happier! Not only is $300 Data Recovery’s rate cheaper for most hard drives, but their abilities far exceed what was previously possible at DriveFish. This is because, unlike DriveFish, $300 Data Recovery are experts at firmware corruption repair (“firmware corruption” accounts for around 30% all hard drive failures/problems), they use a clean room/chamber to perform some “Level-3” hard drive repairs, and utilize the leading hard drive cloning tools (with the most advanced products from Deepspar and AceLabs). Like DriveFish, they also perform chip-level PCB repairs and have immense experience recovering data from hard drives and RAIDs with logical (“file system”) damage.

Brian Cometa, owner of $300 Data Recovery, commented, “we can’t thank DriveFish enough for giving us the opportunity to extend our low-cost data recovery services to their customers.” $300 Data Recovery has also incorporated DriveFish’s slogan, “File recovery for the people,” which has been added to a number of other rotating slogans on the front page of $300 Data Recovery’s website:

About $300 Data Recovery
$300 Data Recovery is the largest company in the United States to provide affordable professional-level data recovery services. $300 Data Recovery continues to distinguish themselves from all other data recovery companies with hundreds of 5-star ratings from their customers on websites like Yelp and Google+. With a $300 flat-fee for most failed hard drives, no diagnostic or attempt fees, and a unique “only pay if we recovered data you want back” policy, $300 Data Recovery offers an attractive alternative to ultra-expensive data recovery companies.

$300 Data Recovery:

$300 Data Recovery
11390 Ventura Blvd Ste 5
Studio City, CA 91604
United States

When was the last time you backed up your data?

March 31st, 2014 No comments

Today is World Backup Day! If you aren’t backing up your computer weekly (ideally every day), then chances are you WILL loose some of your data in the future. Instead of coming to see us when your hard drive dies, check out this website for more information on how to backup your important files: If it’s already too late and you need your data recovered, jump over to $300 Data Recovery’s website for more information on how we can affordably help recover your data.

We have a major announcement coming in a few weeks…

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