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Why We Charge By Capacity

March 15th, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

We get a lot of calls asking about data recovery pricing. While we have the cheapest data recovery around, a very common question we get is, “do I have to pay the full price if I only want a small amount of files?” We do, and the reason for this is because the size of the disk often (though not always) determines the amount of time an engineer will have to spend recreating the disk image to obtain the data from. Some disks may come in with hardware or software problems, but even after fixing these problems the disk usually isn’t readable the way a properly working disk is. After fixing the initial problem, often times an image creating or scanning procedure is required, and the length of time this takes is based on the capacity of the disk. Furthermore, larger disk capacities have more room for something to go wrong. This is why our pricing reflects this extra time and resources, but we manage to do this and still keep the lowest data recovery prices in the industry.

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