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Who needs a honeypot?

What in the world is a honeypot you ask?! To put it simply, a honeypot is like bait you set out to lure computer hackers and scammers into exposing themselves. This allows you to trace the origin of the hacker and identify him or her to prevent future attacks.

Of course, this also gives the security risk of exposing yourself to the hackers. Putting a honeypot out there is almost a call for attention from individuals looking to exploit others and take advantage of insecure setups. Naturally this isn’t a situation everyone is comfortable in, so honeypots aren’t for everyone. They can be a good idea for computer security experts or individuals with a need to insure system security.

There are several different types of honeypots of varying complexity. These can be physical machines or virtually emulated ones to lure a hacker into showing themselves before doing any damage. Honeypots can be very beneficial to some but not necessary for others, so if you are interested, research and see if it is an appropriate solution for your secure setup.

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