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Why DriveFish over local?

November 2nd, 2010 No comments

We like to think that every professional out there knows what they are doing and takes pride in their job.

Most local computer companies have knowledgeable, skilled workers capable of fixing many issues, and a lot of them probably know a bit about data recovery. But these folks don’t spend all day focusing on data recovery like we do, and many otherwise qualified technicians do not know how to safely perform data recovery.

This unfortunately results in a lot of lost data when a local computer company mishandles someone’s drive. This is one of many reasons we suggest as soon as you recognize your hard drive has an issue, to no longer boot it and send it to DriveFish where highly trained and certified engineers know precisely how to handle sensitive data in a manner that will not risk losing any more.

If your data is truly important to you, don’t risk it! Send it directly to us.