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My Hard Drive Is Making A Funny Noise

July 23rd, 2010 No comments

Don’t panic!

But also don’t power up your computer again!

Does this mean you have lost everything? Not necessarily!

We have discussed this in earlier blog posts as sometimes relating to a head crash. This is when the read/write heads literally strip the magnetic material off the platters of a drive, permanently taking the data with it.

However it is important to remember that a clicking drive does not always mean a head crash, as clicking can be caused by a number of other much less serious problems. It is very important to remember that when a disk clicks, you should never power the computer or drive up again, or you may cause permanent data loss!

The best idea is to send it to DriveFish for a free diagnosis. We know how important your data is to you, and we will always protect it and use the utmost care with your drive. If it does turn out your drive is suffering from a head crash, we will help you every step of the way in determining the best advanced recovery options if that is what you choose to do.

At DriveFish, we get personally invested in our customers and do everything we can to help get their data securely back to them.