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Do I Need Expensive Data Recovery?

March 7th, 2010 No comments

Probably not!

Most of the time, your data can be recovered here at DriveFish with our standard recovery costing $199, literally thousands of dollars less than some other companies. There are unfortunately many companies out there who will gladly charge these amounts to people who don’t know any better for the same services DriveFish performs for a tenth of the price.

All we can do about that here is to keep being honest with our customers and charging fair prices for the work we do that has pleased so many people so far.

If your drive turns out to be in need of advanced recovery, DriveFish has a partnership with the most cutting edge advanced data recovery company in the industry. This gives our customers a free diagnoses with (normally 250$), as well as 10% off their recovery fee, which can be very significant. Of course, you have the choice whether or not to pursue advanced recovery, and you can know that DriveFish will be honest with you about your options and ensuring you receive the best priced and most secure data recovery possible.

Let DriveFish take care of your data recovery needs for the best prices and customer service on the web!