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How should I pack my disk for shipping?

November 9th, 2008 No comments

When shipping a hard drive you should remember 3 things:

  • Use a box! A box¬† is very important and will prevent further damage to your hard drive if there is any physical damage and even damage when there was none to begin with. Don’t use a padded envelope and please don’t just wrap it in brown paper and put stamps on it (even though we had a succesful recovery on that one -whew!).
  • Use an air carrier like UPS or Fedex with a tracking number and insurance. We do not recommend the United StatesPostal Service (Post Office).
  • Antistatic! The hard drive should be either placed in an antistatic bag or simply wrapped in paper. If you can find antistatic foam peanuts those are best but if you wrap the drive well bubble wrap will do. Don’t use regular foam peanuts – you’ve probably had them stick to your pants or dress before. Static = Bad!

If you follow these simple recommendations you will ensure  that your hard drive will arrive to us safe and secure!