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Why we chose Drivesavers

July 2nd, 2008 1 comment

When we started looking for a partner for advanced recoveries (major hardware failures and head crashes), there were only 2 real companies to pick from. Kroll Ontrack and Drivesavers.  Any of the other companies that claim to do high level advanced recoveries are in the shadow of these 2 companies. Both are very capable. There are 3 main reasons why we chose Drivesavers and continue to do business with them.

Drivesavers main focus is data recovery:

Ontrack has a law forensics department as well as many others. While this is cool and interesting, Drivesavers on the other hand do data recovery and data recovery only. They have been in business since 1985 and have always been a leader in advanced recovery. We like the idea of a company built from the ground up with one focus – helping people recover data.

Drivesavers will waive the assessment fee for DriveFish customers:

Ontrack charges $100 to just look at the disk, even if they are unable to recover anything from it. This was very important to us and is a really good faith effort on Drivesavers part to do business with our clients. People come to us for assurance that they will get the job done for the most reasonable fee. Drivesavers helps us achieve that goal.

Drivesavers has amazing customer service:

Not that Kroll doesn’t have good service, but Drivesavers stands out heads above the rest. The are incredibly friendly, helpful and easy to work with. Thats the way we do business and we expect our partners to do the same.

We have been happy with the relationship for a long time now and know that our customers appreciate the partnership and the advantages it offers them.