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Mozy to the Rescue!

May 17th, 2008 No comments

After heavy consideration DriveFish is proud to announce its choice for our recommended online backup solution. Mozy! We looked at all of the heavy players in the industry and Mozy stood heads above the rest. Their software is easy to use, works with Mac and PC, they have great customer support and best of all, they allow you to use 2 gigabytes of backup for FREE. No credit cards, no trial period. Free. We like that. If you need more space or need to backup exchange mail or the like, they have great prices – starting at just 50 cents per gigabyte!

Take it from us – the external hard drive you are backing up on now is just as likely to fail as your system drives. Even RAID isnt fail proof. The only 100% sure method of backing up is doing it remotely with a reputable company like Mozy who keeps your data encrypted and mirrored. Restoring data if lost is a snap! Simply click the Mozy logo below to get signed up – its quick, easy, inexpensive and solid. You can thank us later!

Mozy Remote Backup

Mozy Remote Backup is good for the Soul.