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How to choose a data recovery company

April 22nd, 2008 No comments

Ask yourself these key questions when shopping:

Do they have transparent pricing?
Pricing should be completely transparent to the customer. What this means is that before ever sending the disk in, the customer should be fully aware of any costs associated with the recovery. Many firms will try things like giving an “estimate” or saying “in most cases”. With just a few details, they should be able to tell you the same thing we can: “This is how much it is going to cost.” In our case – this fee is always flat.

Do they answer the phone?
Or even have a phone number? You should be able to communicate fully with the company you choose in your choice of formats. If you like to write long handwritten letters, they should write you back. If you like to talk on the phone, they should answer! We can be reached easily at 866-DRIVEFISH (866-374-8334).

Do they outsource? If so with who? Is this transparent to the customer?
This is very important. We have heard of disks being LOST because of rampant outsourcing. If the company you choose plans to outsource, you need to be kept fully in the loop and confirm each and every decision made about the movements of your data.

What if you don’t have the money? Will they offer advice on trying the recovery yourself?
Most of the “other guys” think we are absolutely nuts for doing this. You should never do business with a company who wont answer any question you may have or won’t offer advice if you want to move forward on your own. Information is free. We don’t make money by knowing these things. We make money by doing these things, better than anyone else.