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Outsourcing and double charging

February 9th, 2008 No comments

Sometimes more than double! This is a common tactic of some of the data recovery “firms” you will notice while searching for a service provider. They will advertise a low price to gain your business but once you send the disk in – the “problem” with your disk suddenly becomes more complex, the fee goes WAY up, and you are left trying to decide what to do. Unfortunately, many people fall for this tactic and end up paying ridiculous sums for the service. To make matter worse, many of these firms don’t even DO data recovery. They don’t know anything about data recovery. They are simply doubling the price of a reputable advanced recovery company like Drivesavers and outsourcing without your knowledge!

We commonly get disks that have first been sent to companies like this. In most cases they are sent with an email relating the horror story of the experience. The low price, the price hike, having to wait to have the disk shipped back to them because they couldn’t afford the fee etc. We have seen price tags OVER $9000!! Our engineers can only shake their heads while doing a full recovery on that same disk for $199.

While we aren’t going to get into names, we do hope that you will do your research before choosing a data recovery company. Regardless of whether you choose DriveFish, we hope you will call or write with any questions or comments. We will be happy to assist you!