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Remote Backup

Simple, Automatic, Secure Online Backup

As you know from being on this website, hard drives fail. Data corrupts. It is a fact of life and there is nothing you can do to prevent it. We have spent countless hours researching the best overall backup plan and have found that a backup disk (or disks) just doesn't cover you fully from data loss. The only reliable way to be 100% sure, is to back up your data to a secure remote location. Sounds good but it must be expensive right?

Not anymore.

Mozy is a simple and safe way to back up all the important stuff on your computer. A copy of your data is stored in a secure, remote location for safekeeping, so that in the event of disaster your data is still retrievable.

What makes Mozy so great?

Mozy makes online backup possible for everyone with an affordable, secure solution that's easy to use. Don't just take our word for it. You can get 2 gigabytes for FREE! No its not limited time - its for life. If you need more space their prices are outstanding and their customer support meets our super high standards. We are really happy to have partnered with them!

To check it out simply click here or click the Mozy logo below.

- You can thank us later.